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SG-1: Avalon Part 2

Sigh. Wake me up when Vala is gone. I trust the show will get better then.

(Okay, fine. I hated the show up until the last 10 minutes, save for Lexa Doig, who’s incredibly cute as a button and I think I will grow to like as the new chief medical officer. I do have to wonder what it is with all these people having prior history with one another; just how small is the Air Force, anyhow?

The last 10 minutes was powerful, though. Some – like Dad – would say that it’s because they killed Vala, and that instantly made everything better. I’m not inclined to disagree. But I also found the scene with Daniel holding the burnt corpse of Vala very touching and moving; he finally stopped shouting and showed another emotion. In thinking about it, I realize that’s one of the things I’ve disliked so much about these last two episodes: Daniel normally is the range of emotions for SG-1, he never stays permanently stuck like the rest do. O’Neill was good for solid obstinance, Teal’c has been unwaivering in his stoicism and reserve, Carter is the driven science brain tempered with curiousity. Daniel’s role was often to bridge all of these with his curiousity, brain, obstinant behaviour, resoluteness, and on. To see him stuck in one, irritating, constantly yelling roll seems to sell him, and Michael Shanks as an actor, short. When he broke out of the yelling mode and emoted a range, the show instantly became more interesting.)