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posting bender – Life as an Extreme Sport
Life as an Extreme Sport

posting bender

As I’ve mentioned in one of these blogs, ASBH has my mind going a mile a minute, and I’ve literally been unable to sleep. My 7:30am meeting ought to be charming. For that matter, so should the 8:30pm one… but, as wiser people than me have said, that is what this conference is all about.

So, I went on a bit of a posting bender – posted here, obviously, but also posted the following, which may be of interest to some of you:

At the Women’s Bioethics Blog, I posted about misogyny in the movies, and furthered the question of women as scapegoats.

Over at the AJOBlog, I posted about an an aspirin a day possibly not being beneficial to women, as well as potentially harmful (due to its tendency to irritate the stomach, etc), as well as a rather startling story abouta health clinic inside a Portland, Maine middle school offering prescription contraceptives to the students without parental consent or notification.

And of course, my own blog was, thanks to a certain UK academic, updated about Deborah Kerr’s death.

It’s now 5:20am, and I’m going to place myself back in bed (curse this hotel for not having wifi in room – I have to sit at a desk and be wired to be online! What’s the point of having a laptop if you have to have wires, I ask you!) and attempt to grab another hour’s worth of sleep before stumbling my way downstairs to meet Franciscan Friar Daniel Sulmasy and fellow students for an academic breakfast.