Life as an Extreme Sport

Oh Frabjous Day!

I haven’t thrown up in 24 hours. My fever broke late Friday night/early Saturday morning. I’m still sleeping like a log – when’s the last time any of you remember me sleeping for 8 hours straight – and perhaps best of all, I actually woke up hungry today. (By all accounts, it looks like I dropped an easy 5lbs through the not eating/tossing cookies all week thing.) I might actually be getting better. Again. Hopefully I can stay healthy this time around.

(I’m still allergic to the lidoderm, though. Which is really a pain, because I have to make the fun choice of: kill the pain and itch like hell, or hurt like hell and not itch? At least with benadryl, I can control the itching… and the allergy seemed local, primarily on my hands. I appear to be able to wear the patches elsewhere without reacting. So far, when it’s come up, I’ve opted to take a healthy dose of benadryl and wear the patch as long as possible – it’s gotten me to sleep the past two nights, and I seem to be able to wake up just enough to take the patch off without waking up to the point of waking up. Still. Irritating doesn’t begin to cover it, metaphorically or otherwise.)