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myyour womb is problematic

AJOB’s blog finally gives some space to the notion of uterine transplants, something that the Women’s Bioethics Blog blogged to death back in November, thanks to a very funny Stephen Colbert piece on the same.

Two months later, the story is just finally starting to pop up in other blogs, and I’m seeing a growing coverage of it in the media. Critical mass takes time, but I’m surprised that a story about uterine transplants has taken so long to gather that steam – honestly, just with the Colbert exposure I would have expected it to hit much larger, much faster. (Perhaps another nail in the coffin of the Colbert Bump myth.) There were huge controversies over face and hand transplants – why not uterine transplants, with all of the associated risks to not just the woman desiring the biological incubation, but also the fetus?