Life as an Extreme Sport

my native language is bay area, how about you?

Dear intarweb:
May has taught me that linguistically, you can determine where people come from based on not simply how they talk, but how they construct their sentences, what standards they hold, how meaning is construed, and a host of other things that I’m certain linguists must have a field day studying.

Personally, just makes me think that I’m going to be stuck forever. I can either live on a coast where I speak the language but move 10x faster than anyone else, or live on a coast where I don’t speak the language and am constantly tripping up because of it, but at least everyone moves at my pace.

And the first person who suggests I should obviously live between the two has 1) never lived in, let alone visited, the flyover states and 2) will be pelted with pens, papers, or whatever else I have on hand.


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