Life as an Extreme Sport

“my god there are a lot of you”

So, after some lighthearted negotiation, it’s been determined that “I am” to AMBI, their first PhD student. It’s not entirely accurate, but it’s also not entirely inaccurate, and it’s easier to introduce me to people that way.

So, for most of this evening, that’s how I’ve been introducing myself – Kelly, from UA and AMBI. To which I have heard “one of McGee’s, eh?” or “oh, you’re one of them – my GOD there are a lot of you” more than once. Much, much more than once. It’s all rather amusing, and a little nerve-wracking.

However, people’s evil plans are paying off, and I’m actually meeting folks. Having lunches and coffees and good god 7:30am will be early breakfasts, and I’m slowly asserting myself a bit more and learning the art of the mingle. I think the most surprising thing of the day, aside from hydroplaning in a Boeing 777, was learning a particular familial relationship I had not known before.

I have academic-y things to think and talk about, at same point where I’ve had more than three hours sleep in the last 48.