Life as an Extreme Sport


I’m a sucker for good marketing. I know this, I know the tricks being used on me, and I still appreciate it well enough to allow myself to be swayed. Case and point is the Method line of household cleaning products.

People against dirty. Cute tagline, I can get behind that sort of thing. But more than that, their products are non-toxic, full of wonderful smelling essential oils, and try hard to be at least environmentally neutral, if not flat out good for the environment.

The bit that really solidifies my preference for their product, though, is a very simple fact: they have a sense of humour.

For example, on the Aroma Pill I just recently bought, the directions read:

1. Holding fragrance bottle upright, remove cap. Do not remove wick. It’s pretty important.
2. Keeping fragrance bottle upright, insert into bottom of aroma pill.
3. Rotate bottle clockwise until tight. You know, righty-tighty.
4. Rotate plug of aroma pill to accommodate vertical or horizontal wall outlet. Insert aroma pill into wall outlet with glass bottle pointing down. Do not turn sideways or else fragrance oil will spill. Gravity is mean like that.

It’s just a delight to read their packaging, and is the final little push of incentive that creates (at least for me) brand loyalty.

Even if I can acknowledge how hideously manipulative it is from the getgo….