Life as an Extreme Sport


It’s light out. I’ve stayed up all night – the second time in a week. I simply couldn’t sleep. I got tired several times, but never actually succumbed to that temporary death. By the time I realized this was an issue, it was too late to take Ambien (so often the case, since I don’t have a set bedtime), if I had any hope of getting up in the morning to finish a paper. Oh well. I eventually decided it would be a good idea to finish the paper, since I was awake. It’s amazing what you can do with so little…

Anyhow, the sun has come up. The sun doesn’t come up slowly; it’s dark one moment, and then a lighter shade of very dark blue seems to be edging the buildings and trees, but only if you look slyly out of the corner of your eyes. And then you bend into the fridge to reach your bottle of water, straighten back up, and it’s light. No hazy dawn, no suble shift with sunrised colours. Just blackish blue, then light. It was strange.

Toledo is laying next to/against me. He’s fully extended and stretched out, on his back, front paws curled in the air and on his chest. You see, he was laying on his tummy, and the he stretched and rolled over, and stopped rolling when he hit me, still extended. And fell back asleep.

It’s so damned adorable.