Life as an Extreme Sport

…it might just run in the family after all

In the further chronicles of my delightfully insane family, my parents have a bet going. They’re “racing” to see which of them grows in hair faster, my mom or my dad. Now, since Dad’s been thinning out on top for a while now, he’s trying to grow in his beard. And Mom? Well, given the chemo and all, she’s just trying to achieve hair, period.

Apparently they’re neck and neck right now, but I’ve suggested Mom cheat and add folic acid and/or prenatal vitamins to her diet, to accelerate her hair growth.

…I’m not entirely sure what the prize for this race is, but I really can’t wait to see a picture of my father with a beard. The last time he had any facial hair at all, I was knee high to a grasshopper and it was the 70s; the memories are all vaguely pea soup green and amber tinted, so you know it was bad.