Life as an Extreme Sport

is it safe to come out yet?

Dip me in teflon, roll me in kevlar, and drop me off at home?

No? Okay…

Alright, seriously, and kind of amusingly, I had no less than eight people contact me today wondering where the hell I was, and was ambushed by another few after class and dragged out for alcohol and confirming I wasn’t a figment of imagination. It would seem that when I don’t post here, or at the AJOBlog, or WoBioBlog, or MedHumanities, it looks like I dropped off the face of the planet and people worry.

…I’m actually touched, so thanks for contacting me.

But, I’m fine. I’m utterly swamped, between work and class, and to be very honest, I’m trying to to do a full semester of schoolwork in half the time – when I’m traveling and in Oregon, I’m spending time with my sick mother, not so much with the philosophy. (And frankly, I think that shows I have my priorities right, but that might just be me.) I’ve kept up on one class (god, I should hope so), fallen miserably behind on the other, and am doing, I think, okay at work.

On top of everything else, I came down with a nastyass sinus infection post-travel last week, so have been knocked on my ass from that. Mmm naproxen is my new favourite painkiller! (And for me, that’s saying something!)

And while I am fine, and coping, I occasionally do flip right the hell out and go major stressball – feel sorry for the people who have to be around me for that, though, not me. I bounce back rather rapidly from those moods, but I worry about the people who have to see them. (And I really do my best to melt in private, but sometimes, I fail.) Well – I worry about most of the people who see ’em. The people who push my buttons in class Weds night can fuck right off.

Oh hey, it’s Wednesday, innit? Humm, go figure.

Anyhow. Rambling. Tired. Going to finish watching American Idol and go to sleep – gotta be awake and perky at o’dark o’clock.