Life as an Extreme Sport

I’m Being Followed

Apparently I just can’t get away from the boss. This should not necessarily be construed as a bad thing, given that I actually really like my boss, but it’s one of those things where I was sitting on the couch thinking that maybe it would be nice to relax my brain and read something cushy and comfortable, something from CHID. I’ve been thinking a lot about DIYBiotech lately, Natalie and Katz, Eugene, etc, and that, combined with a conversation on transhumanism this morning made me think about this book I picked up last year, on the ethics of the body. Thesis, DIYBiotech, CHID – comfort food.

I flip open the book, and it lands on the series forward page. I see an editorial board and smile and familiar names, and then look up – to see the introduction written by said boss.

Two steps back, this is part of that series?

Oh. Of course it is. Of course it is.