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I am full of awesome

I am full of awesome. Why?

Well, today, I lost my boss. We all lost my boss, really. It was very distressing.

You see, we had this small thing called a Nor’easter that covered us in several feet of snow. It disrupted traveling. Including the traveling said boss was doing. I spoke with him for less than 2 minutes at 2pm EST, and he’d said he’d call me back… and then nothing. Concerning.

I knew what airline he was flying, and looking at their scheduled flight times, he should have been on the ground hours ago. Very unlike him to vanish like that. I was, frankly, getting a touch worried. Was he sleeping under a seat in an airport somewhere, exhausted and forgotten? Had he wandered onto the tarmac by mistake, or worse – been captured by neocons in some debate, with no end in sight?

It was around then, chewing idly on my pen, that I realized there was another button to click on the flight schedule. The actual schedule. Accounting for time zone shifts, I quickly started eliminating flights – he couldn’t have been on them, he was on the ground, on the phone with me. I found the first flight he would have been able to get on, with the restriction of being free to talk to me at 2pm EST. It had landed about an hour before, which meant that he should have been free of the airplane, and their archaic and inane cell phone rules.

And this is why I am full of awesome. Because I actually, accurately reverse engineered, from less than a 2 minute phone call, the most likely flights for my boss to be on… and I was right.


  1. Oh, DO NOT TELL ME YOU WANT TO BE ON A PLANE WITH A BUNCH OF PEOPLE YAKKING ON CELL PHONES. Like it’s not bad enough that people use them in libraries.

  2. Oh please. You saw me shaking my phone at dinner. If I could have saved myself several hours of stress, yes, I’d take people yakking on cell phones in the plane!

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