Life as an Extreme Sport


… I want to lay beside you in a warm bed and feel your heart beat in my throat…

I woke this morning to cheery blue sky, bright sun, warm coffee smells and three screaming alarm clocks. It’s certainly one way to gurantee being up “two hours before sane.” I’ll admit, I actually decided that since I am not on Central time, there was no real reason to do much more than groan at the alarm before turning it off and rolling over to the dark side of the bed. (Of course, the justification for this was needing to call Volt before heading in to work, and being unable to do that before Pacific business hours.) The bright and sunny side of the bed was claimed by a groggy, coffee-sipping, powerbook-toting programmer who seemed to agree with my basic premise of “legs-twined == good.”

A fun morning full of rapid phone calls culminated in me panicing at the time and needing to leave while he was still on one of those calls. A muted phone and a few kisses later, I raced out the door to stumble in to work late but happy.

I wanted to claim more than a few kisses over lunch; cell phone problems ensued and I decided driving home to see if he was on that cell phone from my bed was worthwhile – alas, he was not.

Hunger unsatiated, I have hopes for tonight.