Life as an Extreme Sport

geek like me

I officially turned into one of “those” people today. Except instead of being one of “those” that sat talking on her cell phone while having linner (dunch? what the hell is the meal that isn’t lunch or dinner but is both? Why is there not a late afternoon brunch?), I was sitting on a video chat talking, and eating.


But hey, it was fun! And I can now roll my eyes ever so dramatically at myself (and note I wouldn’t have done it had the restaurant been full of people – as is, the server just thought it was funny and cute).


  1. We are Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

    Seriously, I was at Dallas-Ft. Worth airport yesterday flying home from a business trip. I was at an Internet kiosk with a laptop port, furiously answering e-mails, scheduling meetings, and talking on my cell. I was doing it to keep up with everyone who was nipping at my heels like the goddamn hounds of hell, demanding this, that, or the other thing even though they knew I was “out-of-pocket” (a buzzword meaning “not reachable”) for three days!!!

    While I will admit that the fast-paced, wired-in lifestyle suits me well given that I have ADD (I mean for REAL, as opposed to those who are a bit hyper and are labeled “ADD” because we love to stretch terms to the point of meaninglessness). But there is a price to pay, and I know I’m paying it. I need to find some balance between feeding my ADD brain’s need for stimulation and finding the eye of the storm from time-to-time so I can recharge.

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