Life as an Extreme Sport


It’s funny, that it’s hard for me to remember that we all colour what we hear with our own perceptions. We frame a situation based on our experience – something I have studied extensively, yet I still always seem to get caught by surprise when such basic miscommunication happens. And given that it was essentially the basis of my marriage for several years before I no longer had a marriage, you would think I’d be very accustomed.

But no, I still find myself saying things that I mean in perfectly innocent ways that are easily misconstrued by others to mean something so other than what I mean, I have to wonder what people actually think of me, that they would believe I’d say such things.

Which is sort of a roundabout way to get to the conclusion that perhaps I need to get my ears checked. People have been having a hard time understanding what I’m saying of late – as though I’m either not enunciating my words properly, or talking too softly, and I’m aware that both of these can be signs of a more serious hearing loss issue. I think I would prefer to believe that I’m losing my hearing, than have people think I’m so completely and utterly without sense.

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  1. Heh. And even more ironic, it goes both ways – as was ever so clearly put in my face this afternoon.

    I really hope this isn’t indicative of how May is going to go. I’d like to have a good birth month, silly as that may be.

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