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Drop Desire

I woke up this morning with the profound urge to drop the class I’ve yet to really mention this quarter, my medical history course. It’s not that it’s a bad class, it’s that I’ve not been the last two sessions, I’m not terribly fascinated by the material, and I’ve been running myself a bit ragged trying to keep up with everything.

First step – open MyUW and see what my degree audit says. Crap. If I drop the class, I’m one fucking credit shy of the minor (including the class I’m planning on taking next quarter), and they are not a flexible department. Problem the second – Lab Medicines has placed a hold on my transcript. The hell? Great, insurance screwed up again and it’s going to cost me money to get it fixed in time for registration.

Are we certain today isn’t a Monday? It’s really feeling like a Monday…


  1. Sadly, not so much with the early waking this morning. I had more of an “up too late cuz OMG MY FAVOURITE ARTIST EMAILED ME” adrenaline surge/slept in kind of morning.

    Today got a lot worse before it got better.

  2. I talked to Phillip today about our Workshopping discussion yesterday. He was a good person to run things by–knows his interpersonal stuff quite well, might I say! He never ceases to impress me…

    I’m happy to hear your day got better, though!


  3. I love Phillip. He’s the one who made the day all better.

    I’d be curious to know what he said about our convo yesterday. I really value his insight into other people (but it’s a bitch to get him to tell you about yourself to your face!).

    I’d go to the ends of the earth for that man. It’s amazing, the positive change he’s had on me. (And you’re one of the few people at school who’s known me pre and post-Phillip.)

    I talked with Kanna about 492/493 today; she’s another one of those people of incredible value and insight.

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