Life as an Extreme Sport

Dreams Are Made Of

I’ve been very aware of the fact that my mental balance is off – I’m stressed, unhappy about a few things, and they’re things I can’t do anything about, except detach, which I’m having a hard time doing. (Buddhist or not, it’s not always so easy and simple.) Last night, my brain decided to reinforce this by giving me nothing but nightmares and restless sleep the entire night. I was in bed by 11, and up every hour almost on the hour the remainder of the night. I almost got up at 4am, but gave myself a bit more time – by 5:30, I fell into a sort of more restful yet still restless slumber, and got 90 minutes (or so) of uninterrupted sleep, the longest of the night.

I don’t feel tired, and I doubt I will – the insomnia training has to be good for something, right? But my Being is heavy, and I find myself very sad.