Legal Bits

It’s been pointed out to me that I should probably have a disclaimer, the sort of thing that points out that nothing on this blog constitutes legal or medical advice, and that the opinions voiced here belong solely to the person typing them out (and maybe the cats, if they get really lucky with their key combinations).

In other words, I don’t speak for any of the schools or institutions or employers I have been or am affiliated with, as student, instructor, or employee, nor do I speak for anyone else, and the opinions contained herein are simply those of their foolish author. (That’d be me. I used to go by “holy fool,” because who doesn’t love a little Love and Rockets? That said, these days I just use my name. …you should know my name if you’re reading this.)

In accordance with federal laws blah blah I am currently receiving no funding or compensation from anyone or any institution discussed. In the past, I have received funding from the Mary Gates Foundation, the Alden March Bioethics Institute/the American Journal of Bioethics, and Dr. Glenn McGee.

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