Life as an Extreme Sport

controlling yourself in chaos

I suspect that Liam just passed some sort of test there; some lab monkeys are more suited to a controlled environment, but Liam wasn’t bothered by the chaotic element of the crime scene so much as he was disturbed by his own inability to respond to it.
TWoP recapper Sobell on CSI

I like this differentiation, separating out a situation and your reaction to the situation. I think that this is quite often what I fall into; I have a nasty perfectionist streak in me, and can get very frustrated when I don’t know how to respond properly to a situation – not because the situation itself bothers me, but because damnit, I should just know everything and how to handle it all intuitively, skipping the whole learning and process part.

I know this is patently absurd, but that doesn’t stop me from being guilty of the expectation.

I can’t remember who said it to me, and I suspect that far more than one person has actually said it, but to say that I’m my own worst critic is an understatement of vast proportions.