Life as an Extreme Sport

Completely Random…

…but I’ve been meaning to say this for a while:
Hi Lizzy.


(And as explanation:
To my knowledge, Lizzy is the only person that I know who found this journal without being told about it. She was a student in the first class I PF’d, is a PF herself now, and one of the most amazing people I know. She’s bright, friendly, and one of the few people I know that shares my love of all things India.

Apparently she overheard me talking about keeping a blog, knew I owned my own domain, and loaded the main page for this site, which leads nowhere. She thought a minute, then typed /blog, and voila!

So, she startled me mightily a few weeks back by telling me that she’d read my blog… and I blinked a few times and went “wha?” Heh – score one for Lizzy!)


  1. Hi Kelly.

    I’m glad I outed myself. It felt weird to read what someone I knew wrote, knowing that they probably wouldn’t mind that I read it but at the same time that they didn’t know I was reading. This has actually been my main motivation for putting up a blog on good old LJ.

  2. I admit, it was sort of weird to find out you’d been reading it…which is an odd reaction for me to have, because hey, I’m putting it out here for the entire world. I think it was more a split second of “omg she knows all this stuff and hasn’t told me so it’s all knocking around in her head and is she judging me based on it or thinking or ack making assumptions and I’ve talked about people here she knows, even if not by name and…” before my brain calmed down and said “dude, cope, you put it out for a reason, just chiiiiiiill.” 😉

    Did you actually break down and put up a LJ? As I mentioned, I do have an account there, too (more for casual bitching about the immediacies of life)…and this journal is actually fed to LJ, too, so that it will show up in your friends list. (Just add the user “extremeacademia” to your friends list for easy viewing.)

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