Life as an Extreme Sport


Civilized people don’t pitch others off roofs. I must remember that, or at least pretend I am cultured and civilized, and not give in to my baser instincts.

Also, it’s probably a sad testament to my life that in my nesting (that is, not really moving out of my bedroom, except to leave the house), I have apparently, slowly and over the last few days, moved my bar next to my bed. Easy access is important, after all.



  1. *glancing at the side of the bed*
    Apparently, at the moment, either red wine or shots of Bailey’s or Hazelnut Kahlua.

    I’m a pretty flexible alcoholicdrinker – it really depends on the situation and how much money I feel like spending. When I’m out, I’ll typically either stick to a wine, or mixed drinks I’m too lazy to keep all ingredients on hand for.

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