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American Idol, Top 12, Results

Huh. Well, I didn’t call that one, although it was in my bottom of performances. Goes to show – it’s better to be worse than unmemorable.

A couple of videos worth watching. First, the return of the Pimpermercial! Ah, Pimpermercial, how I love thee:

And a group sing! Sometimes the group sings are good, other times not so much. This one actually falls on the good side, especially Michael Oz, who seems to have found something he’s been missing – if he could pull out a performance like this next week on something, he’d rapidly find himself back in the running. I also thought it was interesting that he was the primary one to harmonize with the gals (and sounded great doing it). I always find it interesting both to see who gets the groupsing focus, and how each soloist sounds literally right next to one another.

Also, after seeing that, I’d really like to see Michael Oz bust out a full cover of Can’t Buy Me Love. Maybe David Archie and Amanda, too.

If you watched that last video, you know that next week? More Lennon/McCartney songbook. My poor father.