Life as an Extreme Sport

Alto to Mezzo – Soprano

I’m not sure what to make of this, in retrospect. I have no real memory of it, so am not sure of the intent.

Gloria in excelsis Dei
Sed libera nos a malo

liquid fire flowing in my veins
burning with every thought of you
your touch – ice
water to quench my thirst
I burn for you

le feu liquide entrant dans mes veines
br˚lant avec chaque pensÈe de vous
votre contact – glacez
l’eau pour Èteindre ma soif que
je brËšle pour vous

caught halfway between a snarl and a sob

the pendelum must swing both ways,
indifference to obsession
before it finds its balance
how do I tell you I love you in a complete innocuous way

and I am beyond wishing for your touch
I am beyond wishing for the feel of your lips touching mine
I am beyond wishing for my own happy ending
I am beyond wishing for you