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Alice in Wonderland Policy-making

A bipartisan Senate resolution was unveiled yesterday opposition to President Bush’s new Iraq strategy. The New York Times reports “sponsors of the measure said Congressional passage would send a powerful message that the president could not ignore…

Which really just has me wondering: have they been paying any attention the last few years? Our president doesn’t give a damn what the public, Congress, Senate or, so far as I can tell, anyone ‘cept his little group of cronies. And if a crony starts speaking out against what he’s doing, said crony tends to find himself without a job. At what point has there ever been any indication that Bush listens to polls, or proposals? So far as I can tell, The Decider does what he wants – and if Congress thinks a bipartisan resolution is going to do anything other than encourage Bush towards his usual role of ignoring everyone and doing what he wants, then Congress is further through the Looking Glass than any of us realized.