Life as an Extreme Sport

A Mad Recap

I’m sitting at the top of the apartment complex, looking out over Elliot Bay as I write this. The sun is setting in a glorious spray of liquid purple, fiery pink and dusky rose. To my left are the multihued blue gashes and ridges of the Olympics, blending down into the white frosted blues of Elliot Bay. The Space Needle is at my right, as is an old abode. The moon peers over my left shoulder, waning and curious.

I’ve not written in a week, at least not here, and I wish I had. A lot has happened that I’d like a written – or at least typed – memory of. I think I’ll opt for a mad recap and memory…

Monday saw me ‘home’ sick and sore and drugged. Lunch was a pleasing affair with The Fabulous Miss Jenna, and I slept as much of the day as possible. The evening was filled with Neil Gaiman, and magical. My copy of American Gods has become a favoured possession, thanks to his wise words and autograph.

Tuesday was, and Wednesday saw me at Pool as well as coffee and clubbing; add in some Polygirls, drinks, goths, and a bit more alcohol and you’ve a good idea of the night. Thursday passed with an excellent meal, as did Friday. Saturday showed shopping and food, Sunday a picnic.

How mundane it all sounds in the writing out of it all…

Unexpectedly, Mars and I talked. I had resolved to drop my stresses of our “level of commitment” – and then we agreed to actually being sexually ‘exclusive.’ He may still kiss someone, or even a sensual massage (as may I), but no more. (For those keeping track, I believe the boundary is being drawn around item # 5 of the previously mentioned list.) We compromised and we drew boundaries we were both happy with.

The week was also stressful because I learned of my rent increase… and that I wouldn’t be able to afford living. After long conversations with TFMJ and Mars (mostly TFMJ), I decided to stop stressing over it and decide on July 10 before 5pm. Then Mars surprised me and brought it up again… we talked about our fears, compared how they were different and the same. We reassured each other, each others fears. We’ve continued to talk, idly and lightly, sometimes more seriously.

I know where I’ll be living in one month. It’s where home already is.