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Spitzer’s Stem Cell Plan May Not Steamroll Through the Assembly – New York Times

Thomas had voiced some concerns about how NYS was going to implement their stem cell funding, and now it looks like he might have been right to be concerned. An assemblyman has raised significant flags about the stem cell bill, calling much of it “garden-variety economic development pork that’s hiding behind stem cells.” It seems that Mr. Brodsky is not opposed to stem cell research, but instead the fine print in the proposal, which would allow the money to be used for a number of purposes, including new agribusiness, security technologies and nanotech. This appears to be in violation of NYS bond law, which requires bonds to be issues for a single purpose.

And frankly, even if that law wasn’t there, I would want someone to object if the money for stem cell research could potentially be diverted into other projects. If we’re going to fund stem cells, let’s do it right – and not in a sloppy way that will shoot us in the foot rather than contribute to the whole of scientific knowledge and progress.