Life as an Extreme Sport

Haiku for Phillip

I had to write a haiku about my mentor/mentee relationship with Phillip last week (long story involving a conference I’m presenting at). Most people did things rhyming and contemporary. I opted to go classical haiku, which includes references to the seasons as metaphors for periods of time in life. In Japanese culture, cherry blossoms are reverred for their beauty and ephemerality; the reason you see folks flocking in the Quad to take pictures is…well, complicated, I guess, and I don’t feel like typing it all out. Some time I will. In haiku, cherry blossoms symbolize change, transition.

papers, books, advice;
laughter mixes with critique –
cherry blossoms fade

untitled 2

his hands flicked
and pushed
made their way into her unwilling body
as she crawled inside her head and begged him silently to hurry up,
go away


… and he threw her across the room, and she crumpled against the dresser
a marionette with her strings cut
before she could think of raising her limp body off the floor, he was on her again
this time tossing her thru the air with such ease.

A cat playing with a toy, a mouse.

Powerless in his hands, she flew through the air and landed in a puddle,
unmoving in defeat.