Life as an Extreme Sport

Current Philly-Area Forecast

Currently, the weather is Sad Cloud with Evil Sun. Later today, Evil Sun is anticipated to go Deadly, but will be cloudblocked, preventing most Instantaneous Death. Unfortunately, Death Sun will kill all the clouds tomorrow, and then work on killing all the humans. Friday, relief is seen with Spider Thunderclouds. Unless you’re arachnophobic, in which case RUN OH MY GOD RUN THE SPIDERS ARE COMING FOR YOU!

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Hurricane Irene is Big. Really, Really Big

Hurricane Irene is big. This still image taken from the SpaceFlight Now Live ISS feed shows us just how big. It’s like looking at Jupiter’s clouds big. But there’s still a sense of scale missing. Let me help you with that. The leading edge of Hurricane Irene, in the Gulf of Maine (Canada). The eye of the storm had not yet reached Virginia at 3:40pm ET, the time this screenshot was taken.

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