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I grew up in an ecumenical household. There was no battle between the Stars – Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica. As long as it was space opera, it was welcome, and this was the influence of my father. I don’t have any memories of this starting, because it always was. What I do remember, […]

Hurricane Irene is big. This still image taken from the SpaceFlight Now Live ISS feed shows us just how big. It’s like looking at Jupiter’s clouds big. But there’s still a sense of scale missing. Let me help you with that. The leading edge of Hurricane Irene, in the Gulf of Maine (Canada). The eye […]

I took a nap rather than actually sleep through the night, in order to watch STS-135 (Atlantis) land for the final time. For the entire space shuttle program’s final time. The shuttle program is 33 years old. I grew up watching the shuttles, from the Enterprise OV tests to Challenger and Columbia and all the […]

The NASA announcer got a bit poetic welcoming Endeavour home this evening – and why not? How often do you go into a situation knowing that you’re speaking to history? Most of the time, we recognize history in hindsight, and it’s pieced together from the banal comments and reactions that were of the time. But […]