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We made a break for it and drove the rest of this nearly straight, leaving Erie a bit later than we wanted, but satiated with what have become addictive McDonald’s breakfasts. My poor arteries are probably solid by now. It was my own weeklong version of SuperSize me… We also had fun today, and you […]

This day did not start well, what with the trailer having its license plate stolen, then Lunar getting out of the SUV at the above-pictured rest stop (yes, really, that’s the inside of a rest stop in Indiana) and making a break for it. The day just got worse from there – I’m surprised we […]

Daily total: 660 miles Trip total: 2166 miles Made it a bit further, but am in a really foul mood, so not going to say anything. If you can’t say anything nice at all,…

Drive tally: 618 miles Total: 1524 miles Too tired, tonight, to write much – we did make it almost through Nebraska today (only about 200 miles left), though, and are officially in Central Time. Not much to say, but I did get the photos uploaded. Dad swears it’s getting boring soon, but he’s said that […]

We only drove about 580 miles today, which is a far cry from what Dad wanted us to get. He’d not switched us over to Mountain Time last night, which meant that by the end of the day, we’d gotten hours lost and mixed up. Plus, I think he just doesn’t want to admit that […]

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