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Come on, Irene (thoughts on disaster management & pets)

Yes, I am in the expected path of Hurricane Irene – I’ll get tropical storm winds for what looks like a sustained 12 hours, and possibly 24 hours. Philadelphia has already gone through the front rain shield of the storm, which was relatively mild; radar suggests it’s going to get progressively worse as the day goes on. My on-going interest in disaster management means I’ve been watching this, the governors and mayors of various cities, with extreme interest. So far, my main conclusion is that no one wants a repeat of Katrina. Of course, this brings up a lot of fascinating questions about race, class, perceived value of location, and how much of that is in play versus simply, actually, learning. The one thing, however, that is clearly and rather unequivocally a matter of “having learned” is how pets are being treated. A major issue in Katrina was that shelters

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