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I saw the current touring version of Beauty and the Beast tonight – first time I’ve actually seen it, which is kind of strange given that it’s my favourite of the modern, pre-Pixar Disney movies. I was just literally never in the right city at the right time until now. Unfortunately, this staging had some […]

When a performance is an all-star cast, it’s difficult to structure the review. When the performance includes Neil Patrick Harris and Christina Hendricks stripping to their skivvies in a delicious act of “service ALL the fans,” thoughts of a performance review go right out the window, as one is entirely too busy giving thanks. However, […]

I first encountered Sondheim’s “Company” in my early 20s. I was married, living in Reno, and moving into “adult” theatre as opposed to what was appropriate for children. I was, to say the least, not impressed. It was dated, clearly no one thought that any more – any of that, from marriage to how awesome […]