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One of the worst things you could tell me, when I was a teenager, was that we all grow up to become our parents. Actually, becoming my father wasn’t that bad an idea – my dad is funny, snarky, has a fantastically contagious laugh, and he made me the geek I am today. But oh, […]

political quotes

[Voters] make a terrible mistake, believing that we have to find something wrong with the people we can’t vote for. -Bill Clinton

There is the difference that in geometry everyone is of a mind that usually nothing is put down in writing without there being a sound demonstration for it; thus the inexperienced more frequently err on the side of assenting to what is false, wanting as they do to give the appearance of understanding it, than […]

Whistles the wind Blowin’ my way Sweepin’ me back, back here to stay Can winners be losers? Runnin’ on the same track While some head for glory, others we crash Well it breaks my heart to see you this way The beauty in life where’s it gone And somebody told me you were doin’ okay […]


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