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The Looking Glass

I am conceding defeat and calling this unmaintained for the time being. I’ve been busy, growing and cultivating a life, and spending my time away from the computer and in the word of real people. I’ve met lovely souls on The Well, the Seattle Gothic board, and Karawynns board. I’ve been to Yosemite, and had […]

Maybe it’s the heat, the time of the year… recollections do seem to be running high in my head, as well… but perhaps it was the drive, noticing the places where we had stopped to fight, or the places we had always wanted to go, but never had… maybe it was stopping at the same […]

I know I’ve been telling individual people that I would “be writing tonight, honest!” for a few days now, and all I can really do is apologize for not having done so. My life has gotten a lot busier than I ever imagined it could be, and writing has fallen a bit by the wayside. […]

I’ve had several requests to update this journal recently; so here. I apologize for the delay… I don’t have constant net access here, and am hesitant to buy an ethernet card for my laptop until I know if I’ll be working for the same company in a month. (Yes, the job search continues.) I’ve also […]

Feeling mixed today. Been keeping up on B~’s journal, in a large part because it clues me in to Mars’ moods, and keeps me in touch with that side of his life. Only there’s some debate now how much of a side that is; he sent her a confirmation of her worst fears yesterday, acknowledgement […]

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