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Archive for the 'Letters to Mars: A Journey to Recovery' Category

I wake. The sun is shining. The sky is blue. My room is warm with the early morning light. There are full blossoms on the trees, and flowers budding up from the ground. There are even butterflies, here and there. Easter is around the corner; named for Eostre, fertility goddess of the Celts, an aspect […]

I suppose you’re surprised by this. You’re probably wondering where the links went, did I have a change of heart, or … what? Or what is really the right answer, but so vague I really should explain. So, let me explain. When I started writing this, this diary, this journal, this window into my mind […]

Wow. I just had a very weird thought, disturbing and somewhat painful. One of, as silly as it sounds, bringing someone else home to meet my parents. I just had this flash, this image, of my father shaking another mans hand, of my mom smiling and trying to look friendly. Of Timothy being suspicious, and […]

I feel oddly sensual tonight. I’m not sure I can place my finger on just *why*, but it’s probably an offbeat combination of things. Were I to attempt to pin it down to anything, it would be: * having a lovely conversation before going to bed last night * waking in a completely rested and […]

Mars, In my last letter, I spoke of pain. Of misery, and missing. And yet, yet… at the same time, I’m not. Not as much, not as strong, not as potently. Why? It’s simple, really. He makes me smile. It’s nothing really more than that, and it feels odd to have it be that. It’s […]

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