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From io9, the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Spaceship Captains. Click the link for full justification, but here’s a summary of the captain and the lesson: 1. The Prime Directive is just a suggestion. Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Enterprise, Star Trek: The Next Generation) Lesson learned? Rules are made to be broken. 2. Always shoot first. […]

And because it’s come up not once, or even twice, but three times this week, here’s the cold open of Stargate Atlantis that talks about (and pokes delightful fun at) Phillipa Foot’s trolley problem. Also, I’ve determined that Sarah Connor is the ultimate consequentialist. Of what particular type, I haven’t yet decided (although I’m leaning […]

Stargate Atlantis: Conversion

“I know you have a high threshhold of pain, but this is… …gone.” “What?” “Gone.” Heh. Dr. Beckett gets a lot of the good lines on Atlantis. Geeks abound! Geeks abound! Don’t feel like doing a writeup of this, but I am surprised by how much I really liked this episode. I was expecting it […]

Stargate SG1: Babylon

“Well done, Bones.” *chuckle* Nice. Glad they did that nod. (Sorry, I don’t really feel like a writeup this evening. Story didn’t much move me, although I liked the bits with the Prior. They’re just popping up everywhere, aren’t they?)

Stargate Atlantis: Trinity

Random comments: – Aaah, Teyla has a bulldog. How cute! She’s going to kick his ass the minute she gets the chance… – The Daedalus is leaving. Wonder if that will come up on Stargate in the next few weeks, to see Daniel refusing going to the Pegasus galaxy. – Hey! Nice redress of the […]

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