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Everybody lies. An underlying premise on [the TV show] House, and sort of a core belief House builds his entire medical practice (and interaction with the human world) on. So then the question is – what is it House is lying about? Hrm.

I’ve made no real secret of my long-time fascination with medical shows and their distortions of reality, and how I think that distortion creates an “ER-effect” just as much as we have the “CSI-effect” or “Law & Order-effect”. In fact, if I get off my rear and out of the house enough in the next […]

We’re in the middle of an impressive snowfall, so I’ve decided to curl up on my couch and watch TV. Currently, an older episode of House is playing, and as you well know, I love the ethical spin the show brings. To catch you up on what’s happening, House doesn’t believe a patient has ALS. […]

“It’s risky and invasive…” “That’s why God invented the long consent form.” For all this show can drive me up the wall when dealing with chronic pain issues, I really love it. Especially when they just focus on medicine, and the ethics around all that they do.

Occasionally it’s fun read the IMDB trivia page for TV shows. For example, while I’ve long dismissed the criticism that there’s no such thing as a diagnostician team/division of diagnostic medicine in hospitals (while I am willing to accept I sometimes have a creative mind, I’m not yet willing to believe I’ve completely made up […]

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