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Truth is the glass that we make in the furnace of inspiration, and if you’re talking about inner truth, the truth about you, then the inspiration is always the worst thing that you ever avoided admitting about yourself. Avoiding that thing, whatever it is, is such a large piece of lie that you can hide […]


You can’t hate yourself, if maintenance and restoration of the design are your responsibility: as above, so below. …the key connects you… These people should know better, what? It’s about intimacy.

wistful desire

If you don’t swallow your TV and digest it and taste it with your salty and sweet and bitter and whatever parts of your tongue, it doesn’t matter what you watch. Two hours of Big Brother is equal to sixteen hours of the History Channel or a single episode of Laguna Beach, if you look […]

Not as though the world really needs further proof of the fact that I’m a terrifically geeky person, but this afternoon I made a Nietzsche/Foucault/robot joke, which hinged on imitating a Dalek. (I can’t really explain it, because like most jokes, that would make it unfunny, but I basically called Foucault Nietzsche 2.0, and it […]