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For the past week plus, there have been rumblings in the blogosphere that Jon Stewart has not done enough to mock, slam, satirize, or otherwise shame New York Rep. Anthony Weiner, and the charge is two-fold: Stewart won’t because Weiner is a Democrat, and Stewart won’t because they were, for a time, college roommates, and […]

I mentioned a bit back about David Cook (current American Idol contestant) wearing an orange bracelet in support of a seven year fan who has leukemia. I noticed this last week, and simply haven’t gotten around to mentioning it now: he’s continued to wear the bracelet at media events and on American Idol, but as […]

It’s not like I really needed another reason to like David Cook, but yesterday morning’s Idol recap from a Tampa affiliate actually might send me over the voting edge on America, for the first time ever. Basic rundown for those who don’t want to watch (although you should, because it really is sweet): the person […]

Huh. Well, I didn’t call that one, although it was in my bottom of performances. Goes to show – it’s better to be worse than unmemorable. A couple of videos worth watching. First, the return of the Pimpermercial! Ah, Pimpermercial, how I love thee: And a group sing! Sometimes the group sings are good, other […]

Oh right – we have a new stage and intro! Huh, I kind of like it, although I’m going to miss the seal. And the video screens everywhere are… strange. The band is all spread out, Ricky Minor’s getting some attention with prominent positioning. Looks like we have new lights, too – and tonight’s theme […]

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