Life as an Extreme Sport


I just had a horrible realization. I’m talking “Luke realizes Vader is his father and screams” horrible realization. You see, as a kid, I always baffled my family – and my pediatrician. I didn’t really blanch at taking NyQuil, although I’d pitch a fit at Robitussin. No one could figure it out,… until now. As an adult who had done adult things and was thus rewarding herself for being an adult (trust me, this is a big deal), I decided to make a rootbeer cocktail for lunch. Mmm alcoholic rootbeer and nachos! What could go wrong? Well, skipping over the whole carbonated water proving it was carbonated by exploding all over me, both cats, and the kitchen, what went wrong was this: I realized that rootbeer? True, genuine, close-to-original recipe rootbeer? Tastes like NyQuil. Now! Hear me out! This was more than sipping my rootbeer alcohol and fizzy water while

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Have Your Sleep & Eat It, Too

I have insomnia. (Thus explaining the time this is being posted.) It comes and goes, as insomnia is wont to do, and I’ve apparently been in an upswing period of late. A friend of mine on the other coast, who blogs over at Geek Girls Rule, is also plagued by insomnia, and sometimes I think we trade off on who has to be awake in some sort of cosmic balance. We’re defenders of the night, each taking shifts to maintain vigil over the sleeping world, in case… well, I’m not sure in case of what, being that about the only weapons Mickey and I have are awesome racks and rapier wits, neither of which are likely to save the world from imminent destruction. But, I digress, which is common when I’m tired. If certain dessert-makers have their way, Mickey and I, along with the rest of the Sleep is for

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The Unhealthiest City Has an Unhealthy Attitude

Jamie Oliver took a lot of abuse from locals when filming this show. It was amazing, and sad – people were arguing that they weren’t going to let a poncy Brit come in and tell them they couldn’t eat their good, wholesome, traditional foods. I was following the entire thing as it filmed, both via Jamie’s Twitter account, the tweets of locals expressing their outrage, and other media outlets where locals vented. I think the best thing I heard (with best being very loosely defined) was that Jamie was trying to force British food on people, and take away their all-American cuisine. Newsflash: deep fried food is not all-American, nor is it healthy to eat at every meal. Look, I’m a good gamer geek. I have done pizza for breakfast as much, if not more, than most (especially when I worked in software). But I’m not about to argue that

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