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I just had a horrible realization. I’m talking “Luke realizes Vader is his father and screams” horrible realization. You see, as a kid, I always baffled my family – and my pediatrician. I didn’t really blanch at taking NyQuil, although I’d pitch a fit at Robitussin. No one could figure it out,… until now. As […]

I have insomnia. (Thus explaining the time this is being posted.) It comes and goes, as insomnia is wont to do, and I’ve apparently been in an upswing period of late. A friend of mine on the other coast, who blogs over at Geek Girls Rule, is also plagued by insomnia, and sometimes I think […]

Jamie Oliver took a lot of abuse from locals when filming this show. It was amazing, and sad – people were arguing that they weren’t going to let a poncy Brit come in and tell them they couldn’t eat their good, wholesome, traditional foods. I was following the entire thing as it filmed, both via […]