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On Monday night, I received the following in a fortune cookie, at the end of my “omg I need protein now SUSHI!” dinner – yes, Japanese restaurant, fortune cookie with the bill. I don’t question these things anymore, I just go with it. Anyhow, the fortune read: Use your abilities at this time to stay […]

I realize I’ve been bad about posting, and I apologize. I’ll get back up to speed this week. But until then, and to tide you over, I offer you my Stargate syllabus.


Ha! My focus group for winter quarter is now listed in the course catalogue! Scroll down to CHID 496. …guess that means I need to finish my syllabus!

Science fiction offers a fertile ground for the exploration and study of ethical issues, but is often set in dystopian or utopian cultures very different from our own. This coure intends to utilize the near-present science fiction television series Stargate:SG1 to explore issues of applied ethics as they relate to our contemporary society. Set only […]

I’m up early, working on my syllabus for Winter quarter. It was one of those things that seemed so daunting when I first set out, and now I’m actually enjoying myself. There’s something really satisfying about rummaging through saved course packs and printed articles and books – just the sheer knowledge at my fingertips – […]