Life as an Extreme Sport

Erotic Morality and Affect

These are general thoughts from and spawned by the book Erotic Morality: The Role of Touch in Moral Agency by Linda Holler, and just get your mind out of the gutter right now, children. From the back cover, “Erotic Morality examines the role of the senses and emotions, especially touch, in moral reflection and agency. Moving from organic disorders such as autism to culturally induced feeling disorders found in dualistic philosophy, pornography, and some forms of sadomasochism, Linda Holler argues that reclaiming the sentient awareness necessary to our physical and moral well-being demands healing the places where we have become numb or hypersensitive to touch.” One of the things she says is “our understanding of love, like our understanding of morality, has been privatized and sexualized.” So, she’s moving the discussion away from sexual morality and the private arena towards discussing our capacity for intimacy and passion in the public

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Missing Anthropy

And just like that, it’s gone. I pick up a paper, and I start reading. Without really even thinking about it, I rummage in the front pocket of my shoulder bag, looking for a purple pen so I can start writing comments. A few minutes later, I’m thinking of books I can recommend, and then I’m walking through my shelves, paper still in hand, looking for those books to bring in. I revel in it, the knowledge and the recommendations, the connections between interests, the sheer intellect of it all. And I realize I can’t be mad anymore. It’s too much fun to do this level of “work”; is it even work? It’s such an enjoyable process. A small part of my mind asks if this wasn’t the point, if it was known that this is how I would react, and I’m being taken advantage of. The larger voice says

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…And then there are the daysweeks I’m a misanthrope

I don’t love humanity! At the best of times, I am merely indifferent to it! -Zizek And right now is not one of my best times. I’ve been in a very bad mood since late Sunday/early Monday morning, and the days since have done nothing to improve things. I’m seriously thinking that selective isolation until this passes would be best, except that whole school thing, plans with people thing, needing people’s help to get around in my life thing. You know. The basics. That expose me to people. Including people whom I’d like to, oh, castrate. Maybe decapitate, even. It’s one of those things where the logic has disconnected from the feeling, and I know it, and knowing it doesn’t matter at all, because hey, disconnect. I am in a rock and a hard place with not one but two people, and in both cases at the moment all I

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