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Toward insuring immigrants 2006-05-01 The older Asian woman tugs insistently at the young blonde doctor’s coat, pulling her out into the pouring rain, talking in a foreign tongue. The doctor, a new intern, is confused but following. What she finds shocks her: a young woman by the dumpster, face lacerated and in need of stitches. […]

Pharmacists’ moral acumen 2006-04-24 One of the more interesting and underrepresented facts about many women’s health providers — places that are routinely targeted because they provide low- or no-cost birth control for women, as well as access to abortions — is that they often offer other health services, such as flu shots and general health […]

Finding a savior in a sibling Publish Date: 2006-04-17 This at last is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. The paper reads, “‘Designer Baby’ clinic to charge ?6,000 a child.” That’s a lot of money, even for an in-vitro fertilization (IVF) kid. The second sentence in the article explains, in a simple […]

I took Shay’s advice, after pounding my head against my thesis so long I swear I’ve a large purple bruise on my forhead. I collected together all my writing in one document, in roughly the order I thought it should all go in. I then expanded around each section, explaining what else I thought needed […]

I had one of the most amazing experiences in class today. It was the first truly “Thurtle” lecture, and towards the end of the class we started talking about what happens to our body when we go on the internet, where do “we” exist, and so forth. If you’re not taking the class or part […]

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