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I ran into two former Hum 102 students today, one at lunch at the other on my way home from work. They both wanted to know if I’d be teaching with Phillip in the spring; I told them that, as far as I knew, I would be assisting with Phillip and Giorgia’s class. Both students […]


Interesting. They’ve already had some success with cow bone; one wonders what they’re doing to encourage the bone cells to actually produce bone material; the immortalized cells we have in lab will produce nodules, but nothing more than that.

This quarter I have had the opportunity to take a lab class that is directly related to Humanities 102. The concept for the course is “Eye and Mind” and it is focused on the interaction and division between science and the arts, and whether or not there actually is such a thing. I’m actually functioning […]

Robert Crawford Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences University of Washington, Tacoma Dear Professor Crawford: It was with interest that I read your article “Reflections of health, culture, and AIDS” and your premise of self/other, healthy/unhealthy, and how we strengthen the boundaries of the self by defining it against the other. I would be curious […]