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Sunday night, sitting here along with my beer and thoughts, wind howling outside, occasionally gusting snow against the window with some vengeance. Light comedy on the television, but I wonder if something more sober, or at least darker, might not be more appropriate. It’s not that I’m feeling particularly bad, or even dark and twisty, […]

Well, I’m largely done with the Summer Institute. As usual, I didn’t write here as much as I wanted to. Seemed my voice always got stuck in my throat (or would that be my fingers?). Regardless,… Anyhow, I’ll get the stuff from the SI up soon (my project, that is). I also need to finish […]

trust and time are intimately linked. one cannot exist without the other. time is a construct. all that exists is now, the present. we are always in the present, passing through it. we never reach the future, and the past is always behind us. we build trust, and make the decision to trust, based on […]

Oh, last night was fun, and not in the “I drank too much” way – I had a single glass of wine early in the evening, then stuck to Hansen sodas. But Phillip BBQ’d an amazing array of corn, salmon, burgers, potatos, and so on, people brought amazing food and drinks, and best of all, […]


This has been nagging me for a bit, but I wasn’t able to formalize just what has been bothering me until now, and it is this: I’ve taken a wrong tact with the Summer Institute project, I’ve been projecting my issues outside when it needs to be internal. It’s not about him, what he did, […]

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