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Indeed, there is no body as such; there are only bodies – male or female, black, brown, white, large or small – and the gradations in between. Bodies can be represented or understood not as entities in themselves or simply on a linear continuum with its polar extremes occupied by male and female bodies… but […]

A large part of the charm in Vannevar Bush’s paper As We May Think is reading a 60-odd year old article and identifying the technology he predicted. Polaroid and digital cameras, virtual reality glasses, the TCP/IP protocol, cochlear implants, hard drives and eBook readers are a sample of ideas that could be read and extracted […]

The Doctor’s Decalogue For in ten words the whole Art is comprised – For some of the ten are always advised: Piss, Spew and Spit, Perspiration and Sweat; Purge, Bleed, and Blister, Issues and Clyster. – Edward Baynard, M.D. 1719 The body of medical knowledge has existed in three distinct phases. The first phase would […]