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Laurie is my goddess. She overnighted me both my copy of Microsoft Office, and my backup discs of writing. I now have a large chunk of my life back on my computer, that has been missing since the hard drive was wiped in December. I’m in the process of reorganizing how I store my documents, […]

An old paper added, just in case I’m called out to prove the paper behind the excessive title exists, in a conversation over on Crooked Timber… Allopoietic Orientalism and Excluded Autopoietics Said’s conception of Orientalism is one of “flexible positional superiority, which puts the Westerner in a whole series of possible relationships with the Orient […]

This is the closing section of my 390 presentation paper, finally handed in Friday afternoon. I felt like sharing, largely because there are a few interesting insights in the paper. Interesting to me, anyhow. Just as a warning: this contains thoughtson and my remembrances of Jessica’s death. There’s always a conclusion to these reflections, although […]

Woman as a Weapon – Beloved

Woman as a Weapon Sword and shield. Down. Down. Both of em down. Down by the riverside. Sword and shield. Don’t study war no more. Lay all that mess down. Sword and shield. 1 A woman is a biological weapon2. A weapon in a war fought against other men, other people. An oozing, leaking, contaminated […]

Resonating Neuromancer

Flipping back through the last while of posts, I realize that the link to my CHID 370 final project never reposted, so here it is again: A Brief Genealogy of Cultural Resonance, Science Fiction and Technology

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