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So this Ayer piece is incredibly engaging – to the point that you be forgiven for thinking this was one of my CHID teaching documents, I have scribbled it so purple. (Fellow chiddies who took classes with me, or for that matter received graded papers from me, know precisely what I am talking about. “What […]

The things that make you disappear into experience are random things. Or, to place it in Sartre’s terms, since I really should be writing about Sartre and not the other things swirling in my mind, some things hit so hard and fast they drop us from the reflective into the non-reflective, me-in-the-world. Like the red […]

I spent a few hours this evening reading, and writing up a rough proposal for a paper due soon. This is that proposal,… Thanks so much for the recommendation of Norman Daniels. I’m not sure how I’ve not come across him so far, but I’ve picked up both “Seeking Fair Treatment: From the AIDS Epidemic […]

The worst philosophy joke, as told to me earlier this evening by Professor Jerry Levinson: A young man is going out on his first date, and is very nervous. He asks his father what should he do, if conversation fails? The boy’s father tells him this is easy, just remember family, food and philosophy. “The […]

Insomnia struck tonight – I guess that’s what happens when I don’t take something to help me fall asleep. I’m running low on that arsenal, though, and can’t afford to pick up Lunesta on my own. I have to wait for both finaid and my prescription card to get here, and who knows how long […]

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