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Anyone who’s seen me lately has probably seen my red, watery eyes and sniffling nose. They’ve probably thought it’s just allergies, but it’s not. The girl who never cries has been failing at holding back tears for going on weeks. And it’s not because I’m sad. It’s because I’m happy. I’m more than happy, I’m […]

Eating is a strange thing for me, in that I rarely feel hunger, but when I do, I’m ravenous. (And this was prior to taking opioids, which have made the situation even worse.) One of the things that this leads to, aside from never eating, is eating badly. Hence, chunky me! So this week, I’m […]

I made a long and somewhat rambling post to a LiveJournal I keep (largely for commenting in friends posts), talking loosely about friends and moving. It’s still on my mind, not the least for which it being largely uncommented upon by the people who saw it. This is not surprising – what do you say […]

And lest anyone think that my looming June 10 graduation date means I’m done with school for the time being, I received my acceptance letter to the University at Albany’s dual MS/PhD program in Bioethics (through Union College) and Philosophy on Thursday afternoon…!

I’m vibrating on high at the moment, waiting to see if an acceptance letter comes after this most interesting letter of new student welcome/here’s your email/etc from a particular university I would really love to attend. So, instead, I give you a definition of heaven at least some of you will agree with.

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