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Two weeks out, and my feelings about the bioethics course are still pretty much the same. It felt, largely, like a giant waste of time. It was such an area of potential, so many grand opportunities of could be, and I feel like it was wasted on a group of people who either didn’t want […]

“No doctor is skilled enough to treat a man without his consent.” This is an amazing experience. I’m not sure how else to categorize it. And for me, it’s intensely personal, as well. Pain management was nearly non-existent when Dax was injured, and has come forward leaps and bounds since the 1970s. And it is […]

Unfortunately, at this point in the week my pain issue kicked up to the point that I have few notes. Dr. Thompson, the intensivist, was exceedingly kind to us, in both our excessive questioning and tour of MICU/SICU. His offer to share his recent book was also kind, and something I plan on taking him […]

I’ve always found something magical at hospitals during the break of morning. There is a stillness, a limit of movement, the sparse and necessary only. Silence reigns, punctuated only by the passing of clogs or the squeak of wheels. Voices are low, the cheesy music has run of the speaker system, and the hushed hospital […]

“Any moral dispute is already situated in the needs of the people.” My notes for Glenn’s lecture are all over the place, quite literally. I’ve got several pages nearly sheer purple for the effort to squeeze every thought, both his and my own, down. I’m not entirely certain how coherent I’m going to be able […]

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